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Steve Dibert claims to investigate mortgage fraud using his company MFI Miami. But the only fraudulent thing is Dibert. Dibert is a former sub-prime financing broker who went bust in the housing bubble by lending sub-prime, NINJA mortgages to unsuspecting victims, and now cashes in by offering to investigate the validity of a home loan. He stole your money when he made the loan, so he steals it again trying to get it discharged.

Check the Web for his various reviews and the manner he conducts his business. There are a variety of stories about people who have used him as customers and not gotten responses. He trashes people who complain about him on his website and uses terms like bigot, Nazi, Jew Basher and others. And he claims to post information but most of it is false or slander against anyone he wants revenge on. If you challenge him he'll often respond calling you *** for taking out the mortgage.

Even if it's not business, he uses his website to trash peoples reputations by calling anyone he doesn't like a bigot or Nazi. Do your research. Google his name. Believe what you read. That many people is too much a coincidence for the same story every time.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of lack of professionalism. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of a product or service. Mfi Miami needs to "take down the online libel against people, stop calling them bigots or nazis or racists and jew bashers" according to poster's claims.

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I’ve had dealings with this clown in the past.His m.o.

is to try to discredit anyone who disagrees with him. He’s a bottom feeder.

Beware of this guy.He’s seriously messed up!

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